Need A Complete Rescreen For Pool Cage, Patio, Or Lanai?

Pool Cage screens as well as screens for patios, lanais, or screen rooms will fade and become brittle over time. A screen repair or complete rescreen might be in your future. Even the slightest little breeze can cause the screen to tear and let unwanted pests in. It is extremely important in Florida to stay on top of the maintenance of your screen because of the number of bugs and critters that can get inside your screen if there is a hole or a tear in it.

You have a couple of choices if your pool cage screen is ripped:

  • Try to replace the torn screen and panel yourself
  • Treat the screen and the cause of the rip which may require a complete rescreen of the enclosure.
  • Call Reliable Screens to find out the best economical option for you and your family. Sometimes just a small screen repair is needed and we have a warranty that covers all of our work!

Protect Your Family From Unwanted Pests With A Complete Rescreen

As we have previously stated, Florida is home to thousands of species of snakes, spiders, and rodents that can harm you or your family if you do not keep them out of your screen room, lanai, patio, or pool cage enclosure. We all know that screens can’t completely keep out the pests in Florida because they can eventually get in if you leave the screen door open, but it can drastically keep them at bay with a tight screen enclosure.

Replace Screen Panels Or Complete Rescreening?

If you have more than 2 panels that need screen repair, it might be more economical for you to get a total and complete rescreen job because if the first two panels were damaged by wear and tear , then it’s safe to assume that the other panels are brittle too and will probably need replaced in due time. You can save approximately $2,950 for a job consisting of 65 panels with door hardware, door installation, nuts and bolts, and all interior and exterior caulking involved.

Complete rescreen services include removing existing screen and replacing the entire enclosure screen with new screen.
  • P.W. cage in deck, house, walls, driveways, etc.
  • Replace all fasteners (screws) with standard (ceramic) or SS painted.
  • Paint the entire frame of the enclosure during the rescreen process.

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